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"I am here because I am committed to making a difference for the community where I was born and raised and have chosen to raise my own family. I am inspired by the possibilities of what we can accomplish together. I would be honored to receive your support and your vote come November." - Kara Hahn

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Suffolk debuts new Old Field Farm walking trail

TBR News Media, Aug. 15, 2019

Community joins forces to clean up Stony Brook Creek

TBR News Media, Aug. 8, 2019

County Launches First Phase Of Blueway Trail Plan

27 East, Jul. 1, 2019

East Setauket teenager inspires county park stewardship program

TBR News Media, Jun. 20, 2019

Phasing Plastic into Past

FI News, Jun. 10, 2019

Updated monuments unveiled during ceremonies

TBR Newspapers, Jun. 1, 2018

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IR 1671-2019: A Local Law to require Installation of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems at auctioned parcels

IR 1596-2019: Identifying County property holdings located in Sewer Districts

IR 1532-2019: Creating a Park Stewardship Pilot Program

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